डायेट प्लान मिळवा (Nutrition Consultancy)

Amita Gadre Kelkar

Welcome! This is a nutrition consultancy and blog of Nutritionist Amita Gadre Kelkar.

Amita is a Nutritionist with over ten years of experience in clinical nutrition, lifestyle based disorder management and corporate wellness programs. Her diet consulting is based on the principle that ‘All foods are good and can be eaten by everyone. It is vital to understand how each food functions in the body in order to optimize its nutritive value, and hence, achieve better health.’

The health and nutrition services offered under Amita’s expertise include:

• Personalized Nutrition and diet counselling with tailor made unique diet and exercise plans for every client
• Corporate wellness programs design, development, execution and management
• Wellness and Nutrition workshops for large corporate, schools and other organizations
• Meal and menu designing and planning- consulting
• Nutrition content writing and development
• Nutritional analysis of food product and reviews
• Healthy Recipe development

If you want Amita to help you understand your own nutrition, require a personalized diet plan or would like her to conduct a health and nutrition workshop in your organization – please email her on amitagadre@gmail.com

To book an appointment for diet consulting (in Pune or online), call 9730111567.


4 Responses to डायेट प्लान मिळवा (Nutrition Consultancy)

  1. sampada म्हणतो आहे:

    to reduce weight

  2. Santosh Thakare म्हणतो आहे:

    i will increase weaight

  3. sandeep म्हणतो आहे:

    mala vajan wadhwayche ahe upay sanga

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